Creating value through negotiation

When: Friday 13 May 2022, H. 12:30-14:30 Online on Zoom
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Course “Communication, negotiation and new media” (MAGES – Unimib)
Workshop “Meet the experts”

The "Meet the experts" workshops are free seminars on communication and public relations organized within the MAGES degree (Management and design of services) of the University of Milan-Bicocca, in the course of "Communication, negotiation and new media "(Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Emanuela E. Rinaldi, They are mainly addressed to students interested in deepening the theme of communication and public relations in different fields

Seminars are in English

The number of seat is limited

What: Negotiation is part of our everyday life. We negotiate at work but also in our private life, whenever our interests are opposed to those of others. In this two hour workshop participants will learn how to view every conflict as an opportunity for improving the final positions of all parties involved. Through a mix of theory and practice, at the end of the workshop participants will have acquired some practical and applicable tools in order to: manage the daily dilemma of giving or not giving trust to others, understand how negotiation differs from other ways to deal with conflict and evaluate costs and benefits in preparing a negotiation.

Who: Domenico is a Managing Partner of Bridge Partners® a leading Italian consulting and training company established in 2005 with a specific focus on Negotiation. With the help of his business partner Alessandra Colonna and their team, Domenico has trained over the years more than 14.000 International managers, helping them improve their negotiation skills.

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