The social logic of negotiation. Case histories and examples from real life

U6- room 08-B and online

Speaker: Claudio Melchior, PhD:,

27 April 2023,  12.30AM-14.30AM  -room 08-b, U6

Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1, Milano

Università di Milano-Bicocca

 U6- room 08-B (and online on

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Claudio Melchior, PhD, is Associate Professor in Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes at the University of Udine.

In besides the courses 'Communication of Complex Organisations' and 'Integrated Communication Design Workshop', he has taught the course 'Negotiation Theories and Techniques' for many years.

With reference to negotiation techniques, he has published the volumes: 'Negotiating in Organisations. A psycho-social approach to negotiation activities in the organisational field' (Forum, 2010) and 'The manager and negotiating power. Negotiations and Organisational Behaviour' (Ipsoa, 2010).