Being a ghostwriter: how PR and social media can help you developing your career

Wednesday 30 March 2022, H: 10.30-13.30, Room U6- 01b

Course “Communication, negotiation and new media” (MAGES – Unimib)
Workshop “Meet the expert”

The "Meet the experts" workshops are free seminars on communication and public relations organized within the MAGES degree (Management and design of services) of the University of Milan-Bicocca, in the course of "Communication, negotiation and new media "(Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Emanuela E. Rinaldi, They are mainly addressed to students interested in deepening the theme of communication and public relations in different fields

Seminars are in English

What: The ghostwriter’s role is well known in the US, but not so well in Italy, where this profession is still hidden and behind the scenes. So making yourself known as a ghostwriter and attracting new clients is difficult, because you lack the most powerful weapon of marketing, that is word of mouth.
Carmen Laterza will tell us how she started writing for others and how she made her way into ghostwriting thanks to a constant online presence. Along this path, she discovered two other worlds, both still new to the Italian market at the time: the Self Publishing and the Podcasting.
Passionate about both of them, she herself became a self-author and used podcasting as a strategic tool for promoting her services and developing her career.

Who: Carmen Laterza

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